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The Senior Retirement Project is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

Mission Statement

The mission of the Senior Retirement Project is to promote emotional wellness in seniors and elders who reside in retirement communities, adult family homes; as well as those who access community centers for their psychosocial needs.

Senior Challenges

Some of the most challenging experiences faced by seniors are coping with the death of a spouse, changes in health, selling the family home, and transitioning into residential living. Whether the move into a retirement community is by choice or necessity, once the initial transition is over and the realities of this change have settled in, seniors can experience an array of emotions; from mild to severe depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, to social withdrawal. In addition, seniors can have difficulty making new friends, fitting into established social groups, and adjusting to communal living. Our organization works with seniors within retirement communities to ease transition and help them cope with emotional challenges.

Senior Need for Counseling

Seniors often have a difficult time obtaining mental health services due to professional reimbursement rates and a lack of providers specializing senior issues. Yet, seniors and elders have some of the highest rates of depression, suicide, isolation, and social withdrawal (National Institute of Health, 2010). The Senior Retirement Project fills this gap by offering low-cost counseling, assessment, and education to seniors on fixed or limited incomes.

Our Executive Director

Melinda Spohn, PhD, LMHC, Executive Director, holds a doctorate from Gonzaga University in Leadership Studies, a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Washington University , certification in Gerontology, and is a state licensed mental health counselor. She has worked in the fields of public health and mental health counseling over 15 years, and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology at colleges and universities in Washington for over 12 years. In addition, she has been published in academic journals and has presented her research at state, national, and international conferences. 


We encourage you to explore how our services can help support your goals, vision, and mission of your retirement community, adult family home, or community center.

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