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As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we strive to keep fees affordable through local and state grants, private donations, and fundraising.

Individual/Private Pay Clients

In-home counseling-  $38/hr for seniors, elders, and family caregivers

(NOTE: A $5.00 travel fee applies for visits outside the greater Spokane, WA area. To keep our fees low, we can not provide services to distant or out of state locations).

"Check-In" Program

$40/hr rates vary based on number of visits per month.

Retirement Communities

Our rate for all services is $40/hr and includes:

- Licensed Mental Health Counseling
- Adjustment Counseling
- Staff In-Service trainings
- Resident Mini-Lectures
- Conflict Resolution
- Staff Counseling (resident related issues)

We work with your management team to develop an individualized service plan that meets the needs of your residents, staff, and community.

(minimum contract: 10 hours per month)

Community Centers

Counseling fees at community or senior centers are paid by the client upon service. We work with directors to develop a fee that is appropriate for your specific senior population.

On-site Research for Retirement Communities

The goal of the research is to help communities:

- determine what is working well within the community
- troubleshoot specific issues or concerns within the community
- target specific resident and staff needs or problems
- assess the general emotional status of residents
- provide outcome data to design or revamp current psychosocial programs
- provide communities with evidence-based research data

The timeline from start to finish is approximately 4-5 weeks with approximately 1-2 of those weeks onsite. Research fees are based on the sample size of the resident population and generally range from $1,500 to $3,500.

NOTE: When funding is available to conduct research, we can occasionally offer research studies to communities at a reduced fee. Please contact us for research opportunities in your area.